About Us


As a student organized political party, CRUSADA envisions a brand of campus politics that locates itself and its practices within the broader domestic and global context. Specifically, CRUSADA envisions campus politics as a space for challenging and reimagining ideas and practices that reproduce various forms of violence, socio-political exclusions and structures of injustice. CRUSADA envisions a climate of campus politics where student leaders and their constituents participate in the continuous articulation, cultivation, and promotion of principles and values that reflect collective analysis of the demands of socio-political circumstances. CRUSADA yearns for a mode of student political engagement that encourages dialogue as well as antagonisms between different principles and value systems beyond conventional consensual and majoritarian political practices.


As a student organized political party, CRUSADA sees itself as the catalyst for the continuous grassroots values formation, political socialization and mobilization of committed members of the student body along the principles of Catholic social teaching and socialist democracy. CRUSADA will contest positions on the student council to advance the Party’s principles and values. Beyond campus electoral politics, CRUSADA will engage with domestic and global Christian and social democratic parties to forge linkages and provide its members with concrete avenues for socio-political transformation as well as establish a constituency base and training ground for these political organizations.

CRUSADA. Defending democracy since 2010.



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